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MHP offers the area's most recommended video production services. We've filmed hundreds of projects for all sorts of needs. From commercials which sell over $100,000 of product within 24 hours after release to music videos to dance recitals, MHP has the equipment, experience, and the customer service to make sure it's done to the highest of quality standards and at an affordable price.

Give us a call today at 570-294-4211 to get your project started.

Why Choose MHP?

  • Affordably Priced: We offer exceptional quality, professional video services at affordable prices to fit your project needs.

  • Fast: In case you need projects fast, we offer 24-hour editing services on most projects. We normally edit projects pretty fast but for customers who need things extra fast, we can edit even faster and put your project on the top of our list.

  • High Quality: We're used to making content for broadcast television and high-quality internet projects for networks such as HBO, Showtime, BBC, and others. We've captured and delivered thousands of hours of broadcast TV content, corporate video content, government ads, and live stage videos for both corporate and private clientele.

  • REC 709 Broadcast Color Correction Available on all video edits.

  • We have unparalleled customer service with a 100% customer satisfaction rating since we opened our doors in 2001.

  • Multi-cam productions are at the cornerstone of our company. Some projects only require one camera but we believe for most projects, we can add production value by using multiple camera angles - and the best part is, it is most times more cost-effective compared to our competitors who only use one camera for all their projects.

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