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What We Offer:

MHP offers the area's most recommended video, photo, audio, and graphic editing for projects of all types and sizes.

  • VHS to Digital Conversions

  • DVD to Digital Conversions

  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X)

  • Audio Synchronization

  • Audio Editing

  • Photography Editing

  • Graphic Design Editing

Give us a call today at 570-294-4211 to get your project started.

Why Choose MHP?

  • Affordably Priced: We offer exceptional quality, professional editing at affordable prices to fit your project needs. This way your production company can make money too and personal customers can enjoy a great price for amazing edits.

  • Fast: In case you need projects fast, we offer 24 hour editing services on most projects. We normally edit projects pretty fast but for customers who need things extra fast, we can edit even faster and put your project on the top of our list.

  • High Quality: We normally edit for broadcast television and high quality internet projects with thousands of hours of broadcast TV content, hundreds of thousands of photo edits, and hundreds of graphic edits for both corporate and private clientele.

  • REC 709 Broadcast Color Correction Available on all video edits.

  • Many import, export and delivery options.

  • 1 Round of Edits & Changes Included in all Contract Work. 

  • Hourly Editing Work also available.

How It Works:



Send us the raw footage on plenty of media options.




We edit your project fast and to the highest of quality standards.



You have the opportunity to review the edit and make any changes you would like made.



Tell us how you want your video exported and delivered to you


1. RAW Footage

Send MHP all of your raw footage on plenty of media options:

  • Digital Download

  • External Hard Drive

  • USB Flash Drive

  • CF Card

  • SD Card

  • MicroSD Card

  • DVD

  • VHS

  • Other (Give us a call at 570-294-4211)

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 4.15.19 PM.png

2. MHP Edits

MHP will edit all your footage using the world's most advanced software and hardware in our state-of-the-art editing suite.

Computer: 5K iMac with Retina Display

Secondary Monitors: ViewSonic VA2446MH-LED 24 Inch, Acer H6 Series 23 Inch

External Disc Space: 61 TB RAID System

Online Backup Servers: Backblaze, Dropbox

Video Editors: Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Encore CS6, Adobe Media Encoder CC

Audio Synchronization: Red Giant PluralEyes 3.5

Audio Editors: Adobe Audition CC, Acoustica Mixcraft 6.0

Photography Editors: Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC

Other Software: WinX DVD Ripper, Elgato VHS Video Capture, Facetime, OBS Studio

Document Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

CD/DVD Reader / Writer: Memorex

Live Audio Editing Mixing Console: Behringer X-Touch Compact

Audio Recording Mixing Console: Yamaha MG166c USB

Speakers: Apple Built-in, Dual SoundTech 12 Inch

Power Amplifiers: Crown XLS1000

Power Surge Protection: Furman M8 Merit Series, American DJ MC-100A

Lora DVD Case.png

3. Review

On all contract work, MHP offers you a chance to review the project and make one (1) round of edits and changes for no extra charge. We realize this is a very creative service so our creativity may not always perfectly match your vision which is why we always allow you to make changes. On contract work, this comes with one round free of charge. On hourly editing, it may add to your total amount due but usually we get it perfect in the first draft.


4. Delivery

After your project is approved, MHP can deliver your project on many media options including but not limited to:

  • Digital Download

  • External Hard Drive

  • USB Flash Drive

  • YouTube Link

  • Vimeo Link

  • DVD

  • CD

  • TV Broadcast

  • Etc.

Get Your Project Started

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